UC Davis

ECN 151B – Human Resources
Human resource analysis; introduction to human capital theory and economics of education; the basic theory of wage differentials, including theories of labor market discrimination; income distribution; poverty. Policy issues; negative income tax; manpower training programs; incomes policy.

ECN 233 – Poverty & Public Policy
Interdisciplinary course covering qualitative and quantitative U.S. based poverty research. Topics include measurement, statistics, theories and evidence on the causes and consequences of poverty, and the history and efficacy of major anti-poverty programs.

ECN 250B – Labor Economics
Microeconomic theory of labor supply and labor demand, estimation of labor supply and demand functions; human capital theory; labor market analysis.

ECN 290 – Topics In Economics
Selected topics in economic analysis and public policy, focusing on current research.

ECN 291– Economics Seminar
Seminar series on topics of current interest.